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Moksha Nutrition

Moksha Nutrition

Nicola Wetherall-Stelling

BSc(Hons), FdSc, DipION, mBANT, CNHC

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Welcome to Moksha Nutrition

We’ve all heard ‘we are what we eat’ but are you aware of the profound effect that our diet and lifestyle may be having on your health and the impact it may be having on your body and mind?

We are all unique with different nutritional requirements  which change throughout our life based on your age, sex, lifestyle and your particular health concerns.  

To help you through this Moksha Nutrition offers one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations to develop personalised dietary programmes which suits you.

Based in North-East London, Moksha Nutrition has been established with the aim to offer simple, effective nutritional advice to help you feel your best, offering knowledge and guidance to help you manage your health and achieve your goals.

Why Moksha?

Moksha means ‘liberation’ or ‘release’ and refers to the cycle of reincarnation.  

Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in a repeated pattern of not necessarily always making the right food choices.  So whether you have a specific health concern or simply want to optimise your health, let’s break this cycle and together move forward to better health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates